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EVENTS – Are selected based on their organisational quality. New races can be proposed by the ISF Member for inclusion in the Series. A Series must have a minimum of three races in one or several of the following categories: Sky Classic, Sky Ultra, Sky Extreme, Vertical Kilometer®.

PROMOTION – SNS races must be included in the ISF Member’s calendar. They are promoted through a dedicated website, social media and press releases managed by the SNS. The SNS are also linked on the ISF website ( and the Skyrunner® World Series website The Skyrunner® National Series logo must be used in all communication and branding with the title “Skyrunner® COUNTRY Series Official Race”. Each race must have a website where the SNS logo is displayed with a link to the SNS website.

ORGANISATION – Each race organiser must manage the entries, safety, course marking, check points, aid stations, etc.

RULES – Individual race rules must comply with the ISF rules which will prevail in case of dispute.

RACE FEE – The race fee to the SNS manager should be in part dedicated to end of season prize purse.

OTHER CIRCUITS – All races can be part of official skyrunning circuits (SWS, VKWC, Continental Championships, National Championships). Concomitant circuits, championships or series are not admitted.

VISIBILITY – The “Skyrunner® COUNTRY Series” logo must appear in the start/finish area on flags, banners and start/finish arch.” SNS title sponsors have the right to space in the brand village area.

RACE RESULTS – At the end of each race the final results (indicating names, times, sex and club or commercial teams of all athletes) must be sent to for the Skyrunner® COUNTRY Series” ranking.